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With Furry Girl 🐺 you can truly relax and experience ethereal pleasure! Help them light the fire of love and you will get unforgettable emotions.

Special thanks to FR95 and Paintchaser and the whole Furry Community 

Unique Features 

  • Several stages of undressing Furry Girls*
  • 18 Full-HD levels (+1 bonus level)
  • 100 impressive achievements
  • Cheat-code "FURRY" will give you completion of the level instantly
  • Two unique game designs especially for you - day and night modes
  • Sweet and charming music

Game Features 

  • Three unique Furry game modes:

    • Furronix
    • Furrkanoid
    • Puzzle
  • Great artworks with hot Furry Girls
  • Nice atmosphere, exciting effects and sound


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorFurry Girl
TagsAdult, anthro, Erotic, fox, Furry, girl, Hentai, lok, rebirth


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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When is the next update?

Purchasing this gives a steam code or is this its own game now? 

This game doesn't exist on steam anymore. It got taken down.

just a heads up to people getting it the second game mode is buggy as fuck ithas no sense of physics andx the ball bounces however it pleases in the top right of i guess glitched hit boxes or smthn


how to get to the cheat menu

just type it 


i dont see the cheat menu

the game isnt on steam. Why?

Because he got banned a year ago

oh. ok.


Okay so to anyone who purchases this game in the future, the cheatcode for uncensoring the images is NOT "furrygirl18". It is "furrgirl18". 

The code does not include the "y"

the furrygirl18 cheat does not work


Idk if you found out yet but it's "furrgirl18", there's no "y

so the "furry" cheat to skip works, however the "furrygirl18" cheat to uncensor the images doesnt. any updates on this?

Is it gonna get updated here with the dlcs?

I just got this game - and this version doesn't have the cheat mode on it? is it not the updated version? 

Hey, this version have the cheat mode, just type "furrgirl18" to turn off censorship or "furry" to complete the level

Yeah the "furry" code works but the furrygirl18" does isn't working so not sure if there's some specific place to type it in at or what

furrgirl18, no y

Guys, the game was just released on Steam Store, check it out! - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1045050

hey the uncensored cheat doesnt work do you have anyway i can just get the uncensored pics or to make the cheat work?

Deleted post

That's great, thank you! <3